PureTaboo - Alina Lopez - Guidance

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Description: SCHOOL COUNSELOR TAKES ADVANTAGE AND ROUGH FUCKS TROUBLED TEEN. SCENE opens on Jamie, a beautiful 18-year-old girl, as she sits at her kitchen table doing homework one afternoon after school. The student is copying notes from one of her text books when she hears a car pull in the drive and slam on the brakes. Panicking, she quickly gathers her things and rushes up the stairs, narrowly missing her father as he staggers inside. The mean-looking man slams the door and yells at the 'bitch' to get down and make him dinner. CUT to Jamie, cowering in a corner of her room, as the door bursts open and her father barges in. He takes a sip from his bottle, before undoing his belt and threatening the girl to get downstairs and do as she is told... 
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