Step-mommy is into it

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Description: Tyler Nixon is studying with his girlfriend, Holly Hendrix, when he's suddenly distracted by a busty babe dipping in the pool. Tyler can't seem to focus on his studies because all he can think about is getting between Holly's pretty pussy lips! While rubbing her ass poolside, Holly lets her boyfriend know that he's got to keep his dick in his pants if they're going to pass their college midterms! Just when Tyler thought he couldn't focus, he's even more distracted by his girlfriend's gorgeous stepmother--the one and only Isis Love! While Isis is getting all wet in the pool, Holly asks her to go back inside because she's distracting Tyler. Eager to get up close and personal with Isis' tits, Tyler leaves Holly for a chance to seduce her stepmom! After Holly catches Isis sucking her boyfriend's dick, Isis is eager to them learn how to fuck like professionals! With her massive tits and dripping wet pussy lips, Isis shows her slutty stepdaughter Holly how to properly suck and fuck Tyler's big cock! Looks like this smoking hot poolside MILF is one sexy vixen who absolutely loves banging tempting teens!
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